Stranger in Paradise

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Stranger in Paradise


A 30ml atomiser bottle of Stranger in Paradise eau de parfum.

The prettiest of all perfumes!  With a bouquet of lemon scented florals and notes of mellow black tea, Stranger in Paradise has a wonderful 'clean linen' finish, giving this softly nostalgic eau de parfum a modern, fresh and youthful twist.

*please note, I have changed the packaging for this perfume. Still 30ml, but it will be a different bottle to the one pictured.

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  • Hand-crafted in small batches in South Australia
  • Made with essential oils, absolutes and tinctures in an alcohol base; no artificial ingredients
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • All natural
  • Ingredients: alcohol, essential oils, water

Please note that to comply with Australia Post requirements, all alcohol based perfumes must be transported over land and therefore will take longer than usual to arrive