But no lace!

It’s sad to see the decline of antique shops. I used to spend a lot of time on Sunday afternoons, going through what seemed to be endless rooms of antiques, vintage and junk. I guess eBay changed that somewhat, plus changing tastes and so on.

Still, there are places you can go to browse and recently we acquired a new thing for our house - a Victorian pressed glass bonbon dish! This might seem odd, as I’m always banging on about 1930s this or 1940s that, but there is a link. In the late ‘30s, some designers turned away from the somewhat hostile modernist aesthetic (think Bauhaus, Le Corbusier etc) and picked through the wealth of beauty found in the baroque, the rococco, and the Victorian.

It became fashionable to have the odd bit of Victoriana, usually something slightly grotesque, like ceramic vases in the form of a lady’s hand holding a horn, or large twirling shells on piles of coral. There’s something a bit whimsical about such things, though I admit perhaps a bit arch. But there you are.

So here is our new bonbon dish, and following it, is a Royal Worcester vase, which I purchased online a while back (what was I saying about declining antique shops?).

WH Heppel & Co, 1875

WH Heppel & Co, 1875

Royal Worcester, late 19th century

Royal Worcester, late 19th century

Further 1940s Interiors

My lastest finds!

I had a few quiet moments a month or so ago and decided to go looking for some books. Ok, I'll be honest, I was procrastinating. But now I get to reap the rewards, so procrastinating can be worthwhile after all!

Here are my lastest purchases. Apologies for the bad photos. In fact there would have been more but my battery went flat (the camera's, not mine).

I love Taschen - they're great. Where else can you see an entire decade of magazines assembled in one spot? Domus, the worthy Italian publication, from the 1940s - a strong emphasis on the modern, following on from the International style.  I like it, but I'm more in the mood for this:

I love this book. I know I love it, because I already have it! Ugh, I get impulsive when I see something like this and lunge at it. A simple google search would have shown this is the French version. Anyway, pretty cover!  But then THIS arrived. I haven't got this one, and there is so much in it (including a lot of very formal French, which is stretching my memory, a lot), so it is my current favourite. As I said, my battery died, so not so many pics!

So, yes, I am happy with the fruits of my procrastination. Now I just want everything in these books!

A Magazine Rack for Cool Cats

This is what I do on days off

We had a few chores to run on the weekend but we made sure we popped into a couple of junk shops along the way.  As you do. We're not going to buy anything, we said.  We have enough stuff, we said. Let's wait, we said. But look at this:

How could we resist? It's only small and has some great 50s graphics on it.  So, here it is, our new magazine rack:

But it's back to work for us.  We will be at the Wattle Street Market next Saturday, and the following Saturday, we will have our final market for the year, at the Makers and Shakers Market. Our store will be closed from 15 December 2016 until after Christmas.  Any orders placed during that time will be processed on 27 December 2016, so if you are buying for Christmas, my advice is to not leave it until the last minute!

Funny Photos

Easily Amused

I have been collecting vintage photographs for some time now and anyone who has seen any of the Shanghai Lil & The Scarlet Fez online presences would probably note I am fond of using old photographs to promote or enhance our brand.  I'm happy I can share two things I love simultaneously!

It is hard to pinpoint my reason for collecting these photographs.  I prefer casual, vernacular photography as I feel there is something more intimate, familiar and spontaneous is the snaps of ordinary folk.  My collection itself is somewhat haphazard.  Sometimes, I focus on one sort of photograph - Victorian photos of people taken from behind; handlebar moustaches; colour photography from the 1940s, but there is one particular group that I find gets a good reaction from others.  This group is made up of men, women and/or children at ease, fooling around, falling over, mugging for the camera, dressing up.  In other words, funny photos!

In an age where we probably overshare our lives, these photos still manage to capture something surprising in folk's everyday lives.  I love them and I hope you enjoy them too: