A Commission of Fun

Custom Soap Samples

I have nearly completed a recent commission for soap samples using our coloured ribbons and custom labels.  I love seeming them all lined up and couldn't resist taking a pic of their progress.

I am flexible about what the client wants on the label, including the client's name (for parties, weddings and so on) or logos (for promotional give-aways).  On the rear, I have a label which describes the soap and includes the ingredients.  I think they make very attractive gifts, I'm pleased how they have turned out.

These little envelopes contain a sample-sized Odalisque soap. The room is now filled with the scent of rose geranium and may chang!  I hope the lucky recipients enjoy the gifts as much as I did making them! If you have any queries about custom products, please let me know and we can discuss what options might suit your requirements.