Postage Costs

How much fun can you cram into one box?

I love shopping online. I have time to consider my purchase, I can stalk a number of retailers to make comparisons and I can do all this while wearing my pyjamas!  I don't mind paying for postage as the cost is usually about the same as a return train trip or a carpark in town. Some retailers offer different price points for postage, so I like to know what I can buy to stay within a particular price point. 

So, with that in mind, I'm going to explain something about our postage and what you can get for your money.

We have two postal rates on offer, $10 for up to 500g, and $12.50 for anything above.  To give you an idea of what can fit into a 500g box, here are a couple of options:

Two soaps, two lip balms, two solid perfumes and a face serum.

Two soaps, two lip balms, two solid perfumes and a face serum.

A soap, a face mist, a serum, two lip balms and two solid perfumes.

A soap, a face mist, a serum, two lip balms and two solid perfumes.

These are only examples, of course. You can select any number of items from our store. The postage is all calculated by weight not value, so if you happen to want 18 lip balms, these will fit easily into the smaller box. Of course, if you exceed 500g, the price goes to $12.50, but you can buy whatever you like!

Enriched Bath Salts

New products for 2014!

I recently trialled a range of bath salts and I was very pleased with the results.  I sold them at That Dapper Market and people seemed to respond to them well. 

In making the salts, I considered what I wanted out of a bath product - something luxurious and indulgent - something which softens the water (sheesh, Adelaide water is hard!), leaves the skin gently moisturised and provides a wonderful scent (gentle and not over-powering).  

So, I used high quality, mineral-rich salts - Dead Sea mineral salt and pink Himalayan rock salt - mixed with skin-softening epsom salts and added a splash of shea oil.  I chose shea oil because it feels particularly nice on the skin.   The shea oil and the essential oils I added needed to be anchored (oil will eventually seep to the bottom so something needs to keep it suspended around the salt throughout the jar), so I used a blend of arrowroot and bicarbonate soda (again, great for softening water).

I made three, if I might say so myself - amazing - all-natural scents:

The Violet Hour - a complex yet sweet blend of violet leaf essential oil and vanillin;

West of the Moon - a super-rich floral blend of rose geranium and ylang ylang and;

Evening in Capri - a sophisticated dry citrus blend of kaffir lime and bergamot.

Each jar of bath salts is accompanied by a cute little wooden spoon (made from plantation wood) and is beautifully labelled ready for gifting or indulging!   The 200g jars of salt will be $16.00 and postage will be $7.00.   The salts will be ready in the Shanghai Lil and The Scarlet Fez store about mid-January.


Buying online

I do quite a bit of my shopping online now (and yes, I'm sure saying "online" makes me sound old) and part of that is the joy of receiving a parcel.  I guess it taps into the childhood pleasures of Christmas and birthday events.  Embrace the inner child, I say.  It's the anticipation of a treat coming your way.  This lady understands, she's been putting on her best straw cone-hat and waiting by the chinoiserie letterbox every day since 1961!

The only downside, of course, is that you have to pay postage and packaging to get your treats to your letterbox.  Here at the Shanghai Lil and The Scarlet Fez shop, I have kept the postage costs down to a minimum.  Here they are:

1 to 3 bars - $7.00 flat rate; and
4 bars and above - $11.00 flat rate.

Now, following on with the '60s theme, here is a song I'm obsessed with at the moment - very sweeping and dramatic (the sort of song someone who would use Madame X... might like...):

Photo: detail from found photo dated October 1961. Shanghai Lil and The Scarlet Fez collection.