Another Trip to the Museum

Sunny Sunday

It has been a glorious day today in Adelaide. Perfect blue skies, warm in the sun, cool in the shade. We thought we would go and check out an exhibition of opals at the Museum of South Australia. Like a bower bird, I like colourful bits and pieces!

Parking behind the Botanic Gardens is the best part of coming into town on a non-work day. I love the walk through the gardens to see what is out (see pics below!) and enjoy the day like the other folk having picnics, lying on the grass and drinking coffee (we even passed a group of young guys talking about My Little Ponies, which I thought strange yet great!). 

The exhibition was small but interesting. I'm not a big fan of large information boards and video screens,  but I guess these are for groups of children and it can't always be about me. I like to get straight to the cabinets, the rocks, the jewels, the colourful bits. And that we did. My only criticism I guess is the entry fee for adults, being $17 seemed to be on the steep side, though I understand the insurance costs might have been hefty for the museum (the Queen sent a tiny carved stoat in white opal with ruby eyes, by Faberge, no less).

Here are some snaps from our time out. The lino is from the Egyptian Room, the possum from a tree on North Terrace (eating a strawberry of course) and the rest are opal and mineral displays (just click on the image and it will switch to the next).

Enriched Bath Salts

New products for 2014!

I recently trialled a range of bath salts and I was very pleased with the results.  I sold them at That Dapper Market and people seemed to respond to them well. 

In making the salts, I considered what I wanted out of a bath product - something luxurious and indulgent - something which softens the water (sheesh, Adelaide water is hard!), leaves the skin gently moisturised and provides a wonderful scent (gentle and not over-powering).  

So, I used high quality, mineral-rich salts - Dead Sea mineral salt and pink Himalayan rock salt - mixed with skin-softening epsom salts and added a splash of shea oil.  I chose shea oil because it feels particularly nice on the skin.   The shea oil and the essential oils I added needed to be anchored (oil will eventually seep to the bottom so something needs to keep it suspended around the salt throughout the jar), so I used a blend of arrowroot and bicarbonate soda (again, great for softening water).

I made three, if I might say so myself - amazing - all-natural scents:

The Violet Hour - a complex yet sweet blend of violet leaf essential oil and vanillin;

West of the Moon - a super-rich floral blend of rose geranium and ylang ylang and;

Evening in Capri - a sophisticated dry citrus blend of kaffir lime and bergamot.

Each jar of bath salts is accompanied by a cute little wooden spoon (made from plantation wood) and is beautifully labelled ready for gifting or indulging!   The 200g jars of salt will be $16.00 and postage will be $7.00.   The salts will be ready in the Shanghai Lil and The Scarlet Fez store about mid-January.

Underwater Wonderworld

A trip to the museum

A lovely day out today.  My friend and I were passing the South Australian Museum and we decided to pop in just to see how much it has changed since we were last there - which was some time ago.  We were pleasantly surprised when we found some old favourites were still there (love the Victorian cabinetry in the Pacific Island exhibition room) and some new displays (minerals!).  We took a lot of pics, but here are some I took from the underwater exhibition room, the mineral room and the Pacific Island exhibition room: