Funny Photos

Easily Amused

I have been collecting vintage photographs for some time now and anyone who has seen any of the Shanghai Lil & The Scarlet Fez online presences would probably note I am fond of using old photographs to promote or enhance our brand.  I'm happy I can share two things I love simultaneously!

It is hard to pinpoint my reason for collecting these photographs.  I prefer casual, vernacular photography as I feel there is something more intimate, familiar and spontaneous is the snaps of ordinary folk.  My collection itself is somewhat haphazard.  Sometimes, I focus on one sort of photograph - Victorian photos of people taken from behind; handlebar moustaches; colour photography from the 1940s, but there is one particular group that I find gets a good reaction from others.  This group is made up of men, women and/or children at ease, fooling around, falling over, mugging for the camera, dressing up.  In other words, funny photos!

In an age where we probably overshare our lives, these photos still manage to capture something surprising in folk's everyday lives.  I love them and I hope you enjoy them too: