A Ponder and a Cup of Tea

Where to next?

If there is one thing you can be certain of, it’s that nothing really stays the same. This can be good (learning, adventure!) or not so good (ugh, getting old). At the moment, I feel like I’m at a bit of a cross roads with Shanghai Lil & The Scarlet Fez. Where to take it next?

This would be a great metaphor for what is next but for that annoying gate…

This would be a great metaphor for what is next but for that annoying gate…

We have had so much fun with the business, the wonderful people we have met, especially at markets, preparing exciting new products and sharing the love for natural, cruelty free products. This isn’t a farewell and goodbye, by the way, I’m merely pondering how I can improve the business, make it easier for people to have access to our (I say) wonderful products.

I do have plans to bring the perfumes back. It’s a lot of work and it’s very exciting. I have also been very fortunate to have developed relationships with retailers which has extended our reach beyond what I had hoped for. I hope to rejig the website (well, thanks to the talented illustrator/designer Karena Colquhoun) and offer more for our customers. I hope you will join me on that step up to better things!

Meanwhile, I have to have a cup of tea. I have recently come across some tea which, for fans of scent, tea, beauty and sophistication (is that you?), is of great importance. I want to keep this to myself, the more for me etc, but I can’t help but sing like a canary! You probably have come across the wonderful teas of The Tea Catcher. He appears at various markets, is stocked by quality cafes and is at Plant 4 most Saturdays. Well, here are a couple of teas he has in stock, which are so subtle and beautiful, it’s a pleasure to experience.

Golden Snail tea on the finest china the 1980s ever produced.

Golden Snail tea on the finest china the 1980s ever produced.

Each of the following teas seem to fall into a similar category (I’m not an expert, of course). I love oolong teas, smokey, malty and sweet. So here are a few I have acquired recently:

Golden Snail - organic Dian Hong: quite a strong tea, which can be re-steeped to extend your tea-procrastination time. A lovely colour, and classically malty and rich.

Fragrant Gardenia - Huang Zhi Ziang Dancong: a lightly roasted oolong. More on the delicate side, but as its nickname suggests, it has this amazing yet almost elusive scent of white florals. Ever so slightly indolic, which some people would not like (think heady jasmine, oriental lily), it is distinctly floral, but this is not a flavoured tea. Don’t rush this tea, just experience it like you would looking at the sky while lying on the cool grass. A true beauty!

Beautiful Golden Brows - Jin Jun Mei: now this has that almost creamy maltiness, a tiny touch of smoke that I love so much but it also has an exquisitely delicate rose like perfume. Again, not flavoured or scented, this tea is a marvel!

Thanks The Tea Catcher for sharing so many wonderful teas!