1950s Dream Venue

Wouldn't it be nice...

I don't know why but some places just really grab my imagination. I might see some building and my heart skips a beat, making my pupils as big as my eyes. I go away but the ghost of this building will haunt the dusty vaults of my mind. That's how I came to live in our current house - I saw it one day and bought it the next. It was the atmosphere; it was easy to see what it could be (under the sad neglect) because its atmosphere just sings! 

And so it was, when I passed this building in Plympton. I have seen it before, and I read something about it a while back, so when I saw it again, it easily occupied my imagination.

It's hard to get the whole feel of it in a photo. Huge curved picture windows, balconies, terrazzo steps.  And the circular window you see above is a sort of addition to the side of the building and comprises about 4 shops, which extend down a side road (angled windows, terrazzo, but sadly in need of love).  Inexplicably, someone has painted this a filthy grey colour.  I can't even imagine what possessed them to do this, it looks truly awful.  The condition of the whole building is tired.

But, tantalizingly, I remember the bits of information I read about it ages ago (and I have since been unable to locate that source). I remember a photo of the place in the 1950s, the main building appeared to be a cafe or icecream parlour, there were striped umbrellas in the garden in front, under the palms.  Of course, I could be wrong, but I'm sure it was this place!

You can see the remains of what appears to be a shallow pool.  In the photo above, near the bins, stands a black broken statue: a seal!  There's curly ironwork and crazy paving (heart beating, pupils dilating...).

Here's a view from the front. Gorgeous double front doors. It's such a glamorous building. It appears to currently be divided up into flats. If only someone had the imagination and, well, probably most importantly, the money, to restore this place. Can you imagine it as a restaurant, with a beer garden out the front, terraced in crazy paving and shaded by yellow and white striped umbrellas?  Sigh. Still, at least it still stands, so there is always the possibility of it being fully re-loved.