A Visit to Baroona

Open Garden Scheme

Last Sunday, it was a miserable day and we needed a bit of cheering up so we checked to see what was happening and came across a property in St Peters open to the public as part of the Open Gardens South Australia scheme.

The day before, at the Wattle Street Market, a lady was standing near our stall and appeared to be in deep thought.  We had a chat and she told me that her daughter had brought her to the market "under false pretences". Apparently, her daughter had convinced her to come out and visit a garden as part of the Open Garden scheme. I suggested that she was in a garden and that it was open, but she remained sceptical. I am happy to report, her daughter was enjoying the market. The garden they were intending to visit was Baroona, in St Peters.

So, Baroona it was. With respect, the garden was lovely, though the cool weather this season held back the prize irises and roses, but it was the house which impressed us. A rambling pile with a tower and windows all over the shop.  There was something untouched about it, free from the painful alterations of the 70s, 80s and 90s (and etc!).  Our information sheet indicated it was built in 1901 in "Federation Art Nouveau style" for a successful wool merchant. Such a lot of atmosphere! Here are some of my snaps - excuse grim sky:

According to our information sheet, the house went into gradual decline until the 1940s when it was purchased (I assume) by the Jehovah's Witnesses for members of their congregation. Gossipy types assumed the new pacifist residents were spies and there was some sort of case which ended up in the High Court where the Jehovah's Witnesses won the right for religious freedom. 

We will keep an eye out for another 'open day' at Baroona, it's worth a visit!