Another Trip to the Museum

Sunny Sunday

It has been a glorious day today in Adelaide. Perfect blue skies, warm in the sun, cool in the shade. We thought we would go and check out an exhibition of opals at the Museum of South Australia. Like a bower bird, I like colourful bits and pieces!

Parking behind the Botanic Gardens is the best part of coming into town on a non-work day. I love the walk through the gardens to see what is out (see pics below!) and enjoy the day like the other folk having picnics, lying on the grass and drinking coffee (we even passed a group of young guys talking about My Little Ponies, which I thought strange yet great!). 

The exhibition was small but interesting. I'm not a big fan of large information boards and video screens,  but I guess these are for groups of children and it can't always be about me. I like to get straight to the cabinets, the rocks, the jewels, the colourful bits. And that we did. My only criticism I guess is the entry fee for adults, being $17 seemed to be on the steep side, though I understand the insurance costs might have been hefty for the museum (the Queen sent a tiny carved stoat in white opal with ruby eyes, by Faberge, no less).

Here are some snaps from our time out. The lino is from the Egyptian Room, the possum from a tree on North Terrace (eating a strawberry of course) and the rest are opal and mineral displays (just click on the image and it will switch to the next).