Works in Progress

New Scents Coming Soon

Now that the Christmas frenzy has eased, I have time to relax and reflect.  It has been a very busy year for Shanghai Lil & The Scarlet Fez with a number of new products, wholesale orders and more markets.  Hopefully, we will continue to grow in 2016.

This relaxing time also means I can plan and prepare.  I have a number of new products lined up including a perfume or two, an eau de cologne, some scents for the home and new lip balm flavours! 

One of the new perfumes has reached a point where I think it might be ready soon.  I have been experimenting with a violet based scent for some time, but violet is a difficult scent to contain (for me, anyway!) and I haven't been overly happy with the samples I have made. The latest sample is a blend of cool, green notes, sharp citrus and violet.  While it is yet to really settle (it takes about 4 weeks to really settle down), I can report that the sample starts out with notes of unripened citrus and black tea; as it develops, the florals come out, the green violet and soft hyacinth notes. On dry-down, the violet remains but it is lying in a bed of freshly cut grass. The opening is the only thing I'd like to play around with a bit more, but it probably needs to mellow out a bit. Fingers crossed!

I hope also to release a couple of linen sprays for the home. Linen spray has been the most requested product recently so I am excited to have these products to offer. Given the cost of bed linen, I am keen to ensure the product does not 'leave its mark'. I have seen some linen sprays using quite a bit of essential oil and I just wonder about the oil content and the effect that might have on, in particular, pale linen. Also, I'm not personally fond of strong scents around the house. I prefer scents to be subtle and to be stumbled upon here and there as a pleasant surprise rather than have my senses swamped. So, our linen sprays will be delicate, natural (of course!) and beautifully packaged. I can't wait to show you!