Looking Back at Old Me

A Box of Paper

We are preparing for a garage sale and so I have been going through some old, forgotten boxes in the garage. It's a bit like peeling an onion really - as I come across the bits and pieces collected over time - an arts and crafts vase (1989!), a Smash Hits magazine (1983!), my collection of colourful rocks (1976!).  And while there aren't any tears, it is certainly a moving experience.

I found a box of my old school and university papers and I shuffled through them looking at bits and pieces.  I marvel now at some of the things I had to write about and it made me feel a little bit proud of making that decision to leave my secure job and go to university just to do something I was interested in.  I should remember this more often.

Finding some of my primary school books was a bit of a laugh too. I think I was obsessed with time travel, disasters, my clothes and the words "obviously" and "typically".  As an 11 year old, I wrote a story called "The Wonderland" set in Kings Cross in Sydney.  I'll spare you the jagged narrative, but this will give you an idea of what it was about: "...I can remember waking up to see mushrooms walking up a pavement made of toffee...there was a pudding dressed in a maid costume.  Next to it was a sausage which looked like a chef" and finally "I saw a potato with a crown perched on its head.  As I turned it said, in a tight voice 'what are...you...doing...here?" Upon answering, I was promptly arrested by "two chubby scoops of icecream".  So, I was also obsessed with food...

Amongst my university papers, I found some of the art projects I had to complete as part of my Visual Arts major.  I can remember doing the aquatint, but not the collage.  The latter looks too precise but I guess it must be mine (in any event, it's cute).  Here they are:

Well, thank you for indulging me.  I don't live in the past, but it's nice to visit once in a while.