Sneak Peak at New Soap

As Yet Unnamed 

I have a few naming options up my sleeves for this one, but feel in no hurry to settle on it now.  I have four weeks, because that is how long this new soap will be curing before being boxed up, labelled and sent into the Shanghai Lil and The Scarlet Fez store!

But let me tell you about what is in New Soap - olive oil, olive pomace, macadamia nut oil, shea oil and a dash of castor oil.  But as if that isn't enough to make your skin soft and silky, I have added Mojave Living Clay!  Mojave Living Clay is a calcium bentonite/montmorillonite clay from, you guessed it, the Mojave Desert in southern California!  This clay is rich in minerals and is excellent for drawing out impurities in the skin.  In a soap, the clay offers a silky texture which will enhance your bathing experience!

Here it is, as a loaf, just before being hand cut into bars: