Buying online

I do quite a bit of my shopping online now (and yes, I'm sure saying "online" makes me sound old) and part of that is the joy of receiving a parcel.  I guess it taps into the childhood pleasures of Christmas and birthday events.  Embrace the inner child, I say.  It's the anticipation of a treat coming your way.  This lady understands, she's been putting on her best straw cone-hat and waiting by the chinoiserie letterbox every day since 1961!

The only downside, of course, is that you have to pay postage and packaging to get your treats to your letterbox.  Here at the Shanghai Lil and The Scarlet Fez shop, I have kept the postage costs down to a minimum.  Here they are:

1 to 3 bars - $7.00 flat rate; and
4 bars and above - $11.00 flat rate.

Now, following on with the '60s theme, here is a song I'm obsessed with at the moment - very sweeping and dramatic (the sort of song someone who would use Madame X... might like...):

Photo: detail from found photo dated October 1961. Shanghai Lil and The Scarlet Fez collection.