A New Soap for Spring

Spring Sherbert

Winter is the season of indulgence.  It's also the time to plan - it's about anticipation.  You know what is just around the corner - SPRING!  Well, it's months off yet, but it's good fun planning ahead.  Dust off those gardening books, get out those holiday brochures, buy a ridiculously lightweight and cheerful shirt online.  

Avid readers of this blog (!) will remember I made a batch of Spring Sherbert a couple of weeks ago.   You know the one - it was brimming over with olive oil, apricot kernel oil and cocoa butter and it was scented with a floral dreamcloud - or lemongrass and lavender essential oils to be precise (for those more practical types).  The soap appears to be a modest little number, a soft and creamy yellow like the finest alabaster, but it fizzes with springtime joy when you smell it.  Yes, I love it!  And this is what Spring Sherbert is doing today: