Making Spring Sherbert - A New Soap

Last week, I made a batch of soap using a generous proportion of avocado oil.  I was happy with the result, though I have yet to test it.  Avocado oil holds the promise of adding an extra special quality to soap but it does tint the soap a very soft green.  I don't have a problem with this; I think I should use it as a feature, but with this batch of soap I had also added a yellow swirl, which just disappeared in the green.  The final cut bars look a bit blurry.  Ok, but not the best.

So today I remade this recipe, this time exchanging the avocado oil with cocoa butter.  Cocoa butter tends to make a soap creamy, a favourite quality of mine for soap.  I started, as usual, with olive oil.  The olive oil I used was a new sort, and it smelled of freshly cut grass.  This made me happy, because I wanted the soap to be a fresh springy number.   Sadly, this smell doesn't stay in the final soap, so the pleasure was one that can't be shared.

I also used apricot kernel oil, a super oil for your skin.  A touch of rice bran oil for that vitamin E goodness and I'm done.  

The scent I used here is lavender and lemongrass, which when combined offers up a dreamy spring-fresh perfume.  Lavender is a sophisticated scent, though many have rather homely associations with it.  The dry sweetness of lemongrass is refined and uplifting.  Here, with the lavender, the lemongrass sparkles - a fizzing floral lift.  Thus, Shanghai Lil & the Scarlet Fez's new soap is born - Spring Sherbert!  

Here are some process shots showing cocoa butter, essential oils, the soap mix and the poured results:

Spring Sherbert, like all Shanghai Lil & the Scarlet Fez soaps, is 100% natural, vegan and super luxurious!