A Winter's Day - Love Lies Bleeding

On this cold winter's day, have I been lying on the couch under a blanket eating crumpets and reading Tennyson?  No!  I've been making another batch of what I can now call an old time favourite - Love Lies Bleeding.

In making this soap, I have not been content with using just olive oil, I have added olive pomace.  Olive pomace is a low-grade olive oil in terms of cooking, but in terms of soap-making, it means a concentrated boost of olive goodness.  Olive is a wonderful oil for soaps, and I always use it as a big part of any soap mixture.  It produces a firm bar of soap, which makes it better value, and is very gentle on your skin.

I have also used meadowfoam seed oil.  The skin loves this oil as it is highly emollient, leaving your skin moisturised.    Apricot kernal oil is rich with vitamins E and A and matches your skin's sebum, meaning your skin will drink it in!  Topping off this trilogy of extra-luxurious oils is rosehip oil, bursting with vitamin C (though, to be fair, vitamin C isn't much of a stayer, so it's not likely you'll see much of this once it is in a soap!), anti-oxidants and omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids - in other words, one of the best skin friendly oils you're likely to come across!

I've used mineral colourings, as usual, in this batch; the swirl being a rich earthy red.  Scented with rose, rose geranium and geranium essential oils, the soap is lively, sweet and, I must say, thoroughly romantic.  This is a great skin-conditioning soap.  Here are some sneak previews for you - the colouring and essential oils, the soap mix, the poured soap and a Holga photograph of roses to put you in the mood!