Fabric design from the 1940s - in colour!

These distinctly sophisticated and playful designs are a treat to see in full colour.

 A "Top left, Celanese satin, screen printed in a design by Margaret Moore. Top right, 'Shiraz' - a cotton and rayon fadeless tapestry designed by John Tandy.  Bottom, 'Bird' design by E. Winning Reed on an art silk and cotton material" from "30s 40s Decorative Art" - a source book edited by Charlotte & Peter Fiell, (Tashchen). 

B "Furnishing fabrics designed by Jacqueline Groag, M.S.I.A., the top two for Hill Brown Ltd and the lower for F.W.Grafton & Co. Ltd." ibid.

C "Bonbonniere of faience, designed by Stig Lindberg and made by Gustavsberg's Studio, on a background of hand-printed glass-cloth named 'Maytime' by the same artist, printed by Textil Kammaren, Nordiska Kompaniet, Stokholm." ibid.

D "Textiles designed by Margaret Simeon.  Left: Screen-printed linen and Right: Screen-printed furnishing satin, both produced by John Lewis & Co Ltd. Centre: Block-printed muslin printed by the designer. Vase designed by Nils Thorsson with 'Clair de Lune' glaze created by the late H. Madslund for The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Co. Ltd." ibid.

E "Top and centre: 'Burntwood/Moorfield' rayon designed by Jane Edgar and 'Hurstwood/Alvis' cotton fabric designed by D.M. Batty, both made by Helios Ltd.  Lower: Cotton damask by Old Bleach Linen Co. Ltd." ibid.

F "Corner of a lounge in a London flat by Ian Henderson.  The fire-surround is in Australian walnut, the opening itself being framed in Japanese chestnut.  Curtains printed in two shades of red with a line of [black] on a cream ground, and upholstery in a rough textured weave.  Occasional table in Australian walnut with a cane shelf which doubles its utility without adding to its weight."  from Decorative Art 1943-48 The Studio Year Book.  (The Studio Year Books were the source for the illustrations in the Tashchen publication referred to above.)

G "Two curtain fabrics designed by Margaret Simeon; the floral pattern is a cotton textile with block-printed motif, made for John Lewis & Co Ltd.  The pink and white design is a screen-printed linen, made by Allan Walton Textiles Ltd." ibid. 

H An extract from an advertisement for the 'Old Glamis' range of fabrics by Donald Bros Ltd.  The fabric design is named "Goodwood" and is a 50 inch screen-printed linen in 5 colours. ibid.

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