Holiday snaps

I was fortunate enough over the Christmas break to visit the beautiful coastline of north New South Wales with my partner.  As usual, I took a bunch of cameras with me, including the Harinezumi and my trusty old Holga.  I had purchased a new roll of film for the trip, Kodak Ektar 100.  This film is touted as having fine grain and high saturation, which is great, but I was using it for the Holga - the unpredictable photobeast.  So, who knows what would happen.   

I have just got the photos developed and nearly every one of them is a dud!  Completely washed out, with brown staining on the top and bottom of the negatives.  I know it was warm up there, but I've taken the Holga out for a walk in the deserts of Arabia (ie, downtown Dubai) and the prints were fine despite the heat exposure.  So, I'm at a loss to know what has caused this.  I guess the roll was exposed to light somehow.   But that's life with film!   Here is one print I like, looking like a hand-tinted early Kodak; the lighthouse at Byron Bay.