Hiding from summer heat leads to Great Discovery

My kidney-shaped pool surrounded by crazy paving and lush lawn only exists in my feverish imagination, so until that day comes when I can swim in its cool blue waters, I stay inside when it hits 37.  To take my mind off the wilting garden, I whipped up a batch of soap, the results of which are pictured below.

I wanted to make a soap that smells cool and refreshing, but looks smart and exotic.  I mixed a few essential oils together and came up with a basil and star anise combination that fits the bill perfectly.  This combination is surprisingly sophisticated, an aniseed with deep green notes, perfect for evening drinks on the shaded verandah overlooking a pride of lions on the vast savanna (or, your cat scratching a hole in your lawn).  

The base soap is a creamy ivory; very luxurious.   It is swirled through with black oxide, adding a touch of danger.  The soap is super-enriched with macadamia and pine nut oils, smooth and soothing oils for the skin.  I can't wait to try this one out.   Mustn't forget my pith helmet...