The hot weather has killed off some of the grass in the garden.  If we don't get to it with a hose soon enough, that is what happens!  Of course, it saddens me to lose the grass because I'd rather it be lush and green, but when I turn the sprinklers on late at night or early in the morning, the dead grass offers up a surprising treat.  The damp air wafts up and brings with it the subtle scent of hay.  It's sweet and green but smokey too.  It lasts a few seconds before the smell of the hot cement coming into contact with water takes over.

So today I have experimented with some of the essential oils I have left.  I want to suggest that green, smokey smell and put it into a soap.  To start, the soap is made with lush olive oil and superfatted with meadowfoam seed oil and castor oil.   I love this combination of oils because of the extra smooth feel they give to the soap.  Not to mention the skin nourishing qualities, of course.

Some of the oils getting ready to have some soap fun.

The soap is currently wrapped up, doing its soapy thing, so tomorrow I will be able to have a look and see if it has worked.  And the essential oils I have used?  Vetiver and cade.  Both are pretty strong, so I pulled back with the amount I added to the soap.  Time will tell if I have been too cautious.  I'll post more about the soap when I cut it in the next day or two.