Bookshop find

During a recent holiday up north, we visited a wonderful bookshop in Kingscliff.  It was old school so far as bookshops go, so there was much to find there.   I came away with a couple of design books from the 1940s including this modest little number "Design in Everyday Things", published by the Australian Broadcasting Commission in 1941. 

The book was an accompaniment to a series of educational lectures broadcasted on the ABC radio.   It has a number of thought-provoking essays on design, but it is the illustrations, advertisements and photographs which interested me.  

Being a big fan of moderne, streamline, art deco architecture, I zeroed in on these images in particular.


The first is an illustration in an advertisement for International Correspondence Schools (Australasia) Pty Ltd.  The photo is unidentified and uncredited.

The second breaks my heart.  It is identified as Wyldefel Gardens, a block of flats in Potts Point, Sydney.  In 1941, they were being demolished to make way for a new Naval Dock.  Imagine the views!